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This Holiday Season, We’re More Grateful than Ever for ImageFIRST Associates

Posted by ImageFIRST on Dec 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

During the holiday season, what we have here at ImageFIRST comes into sharper focus than ever before. On a personal level, with gift exchanges and family reunions come realizations that we are fortunate to have our loved ones in our lives. And within our ImageFIRST family, it’s no different: We recognize that our associates are the reason that we’ve been able to build such a remarkable company. Without them, we wouldn’t be the largest and fastest-growing medical scrub provider in Houston, TX (and beyond), which is why we try to express gratitude for them every day, but especially during this time of year.
This holiday season, appreciation and gratitude came naturally as we kicked off with a potluck Thanksgiving Luncheon at our corporate office in King of Prussia, PA. Our corporate location associates brought in homemade meals, including the standard traditional turkey and mashed potatoes as well as dishes representing each associate’s diverse background. In addition, the usual Tuesday morning huddle was extra special: All 35-some associates took nearly half an hour out of their day to share what they were grateful for, whether friends, family, health or their extended ImageFIRST family.

Gratitude for our associates is built into the ImageFIRST culture. After all, our purpose is “to build a great company by positively impacting the lives of our associates, our community, our customers and their patients.” We always do what we can to create a positive and thriving work environment. According to several psychological studies, gratitude is one of the best ways you can do just that! Expressing gratitude can have a lasting positive effect on your mood, and paying attention to what you're grateful for will in turn increase your awareness of the good things in your life - leading you to be even more grateful!

Gratitude for our associates factors into everything we do here at ImageFIRST. From making sure working environments are safe for the production staff that handles medical uniform laundry in Houston, TX, to ongoing associate appreciation that culminates in our Council of Excellence and Pinnacle Trip, to outstanding benefits for all of our associates, we’ve created a culture as remarkable as the people who work here.

If you’d like to join our continually-growing and expanding team, please visit the ImageFIRST Careers page.