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ImageFIRST’s Captain Remarkable – Setting the Standard for Remarkable Work

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Oct 6, 2015 10:22:00 AM

At ImageFIRST Houston, we’re always looking for better ways to serve our clientele and further train our associates and Customer Advocates to bring the most exceptional and remarkable experience for our clientele through Houston’s many medical practices, which range from small family practices to large hospitals. Our hero, Captain Remarkable, nails it every year for our clientele throughout Houston, when he spreads the message that we need to be more exceptional and more remarkable, so that we can remain the organization that sets the standard for medical laundering companies throughout the United States. What are we doing that makes us more remarkable? There are many things.

Promoting Worthwhile Work Nationwide – When we talk about worthwhile work, we’re not just talking about offering great services and high-quality products. We want to deliver a service that makes people’s lives better. When a patient in a hospital or another practice is suffering, and they receive one of our individually packaged, exceptionally soft garments, it adds to their comfort and help turn their experience positive.

We want to bring positivity to every environment we influence, and we want to make sure that ImageFIRST is associated with comfort and caring service. This is what is meant by worthwhile—a product that is not only great, but also one that helps people and promotes a healthy, positive environment for everyone involved. Clean linens, gowns and other fabrics in a practice will influence a patient’s overall experience and increase their satisfaction. Our service is one that improves experiences for both patients and practitioners across the board. Another part of worthwhile work is giving back to the community.

We Are Regularly Participating in Charitable Organizations and Events – We see our company as more than a business—we want to give back to the society that gives us so much, through our associates to our satisfied customers. At ImageFIRST Houston, we’re constantly taking part in extracurricular charitable activities so that we can contribute in as many ways as possible. Associates at our organization are constantly giving back by working for charity. Throughout the United States, we’ve worked with the Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, the Make a Wish Foundation and much more. Some of our Associates even donate their own hard-earned money to help support the less fortunate.

Appreciating Customer Advocate and Associate Satisfaction – We want the experience of working with ImageFIRST Houston to be just as remarkable for our own associates and Customer Advocates as it is for our clientele. Every month, we have meetings to not only address any issues or concerns our Associates may have, but also to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and any other notable events in their lives. We want to create an environment where our associates are family, instead of a regular, mediocre working environment, and our very own Captain Remarkable has even made appearances at these meetings to spread his contagious positivity. Have you ever heard of our Make a Dream Come True program? Our employees tell us their dreams, and we help them achieve them. In one instance, ImageFIRST gave a long-time associate a honeymoon because she was never able to enjoy one when she was first married.

We want to bring a worry-free service to both our clientele as well as our associates and Customer Advocates. We do so much for the community aside from what we’ve already listed. At ImageFIRST Houston we work to give our associates a reason to be remarkable and do worthwhile work. Want to see Captain Remarkable take flight? You just might, at ImageFIRST Houston, as he makes his round throughout all of our remarkable locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.