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For Remarkable Patient Feedback, Take This Step

Posted by ImageFIRST on Oct 6, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Think about what a simple switch can do for any part of your life. Switch your daily croissant for a hearty bowl of oatmeal--suddenly, you have a lot more energy and a slimmer waistline. Switch the paint in your living room from dull green to soft pink, and watch the effect on your mood. And a literal light switch makes an enormous difference: One simple flick illuminates an entire room!

Your healthcare facility, too, can see tremendous results when you switch from ordinary patient gowns to our line of Comfort Care patient gowns. When you swap out your usual provider’s products for the cozy and plush Comfort Care line provided by our healthcare linen services in Houston, TX, we guarantee that patients’ perception of your facility will improve--remarkably.

What Makes Comfort Care So Special?

We’re glad you asked. It’s all in the fabric, which is designed to be exceptionally soft, cozy and plush to the touch. We offer the Comfort Care line because as providers of patient gowns, medical scrubs and other linen in Houston, TX (and beyond), and more, we know how important it is that patients feel comfortable and secure at your medical facility. Since patient gowns are quite literally the closest thing they’ll be in contact with during their stay, it’s vital that the gowns they wear be exceptional.

How Do We Know That Comfort Care Can Help?

If you want to boost patient perception at your facility, Comfort Care is guaranteed to provide that boost. How can we be so sure? Glad you asked again--we’ve written a whitepaper, titled “Minor Change, Major Impact: How Patient Gowns and Robes Affect Patient Perception," that details exactly what happened when ImageFIRST paired up with facilities across the nation to measure the impact that our Comfort Care line had on patients’ perceptions of facilities. Even we were blown away by the results.

Want to know more? Download our whitepaper here, and see for yourself how Comfort Care can change things for the better. Once you make the switch, the difference is tremendous--much like the difference between a darkened room and a bright, cheery one.