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medical linens in houston txMedical Laundry Services in Houston, TX

Growing consumer-centric mindset in U.S. patients has led to increased competition in the healthcare market. Are you aware of the impact that medical linens has on your patients? ImageFIRST is the provider of choice for fully-managed healthcare laundry services and programs in the Houston, TX area including Sugarland, TX, The Woodlands, TX and beyond.

We’re not a vendor, we are a collaborative partner delivering medical linen services solutions with distinction to help overcome the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry:

  • Patient satisfaction – which can make or break a facility’s reputation, is key to ensuring a positive impression of your practice.
  • Infection prevention – essential in every aspect of patient care.
  • Linen and scrubs inventory management – to control costs and lessen your staff’s workload.
It is an accepted fact that patient perception is influenced by their entire environment – from big things like friendliness of staff– to small things like receiving a nice gown. A detail that might seem insignificant on the surface is actually essential in creating a positive and pleasant experience. Beyond excellent medical services, there are many other factors that are involved in the overall patient experience – like your medical laundry service. You want to provide a clean facility, and comfort to both staff and patients. From cozy robes, gowns that are not worn or threadbare, and bed sheets and pillowcases that are matching bright white in color, these little signals are reinforcements that show how much you care your patient’s comfort and well-being.

Healthcare Linen Services in Houston, TX

medical uniform linen service houston tx

With ImageFIRST, your staff and your patients get ComfortFIRST with the best quality products from top manufacturers, and we are proud to feature our premium and exclusive line of Comfort Care plush patient gowns and robe, which has been seen to improve patient perceptions by more than 50%!

When it comes to infection prevention, you can rest assured your medical linens are on board. Our AssuranceFIRST advantage ensures medical laundry is sanitized beyond industry standards. We exceed these standards by killing up to 99.999% of common pathogens with ImageFIRST’s patented process, which comprises of: 1) an advanced wash formula, 2) a protective softener that coats the fabric and deters the spread of bacteria, and 3) products are encased in plastic, adding a protective barrier for the maximum protection while in-transit and in storage.

Inventory management for cost control is seamless with the help of your dedicated Customer Advocate. Serving as more than a familiar face, you have a designated point of contact for personal service and management to deliver your inventory with responsive and accountable service – whether you sign up for linen or medical uniform linen service from ImageFIRST.

Our ValueFIRST advantage means you always know what you’re being billed for and why: your bill reflects the inventory level you need to meet your patient load, and you’ll always have that level of inventory, every week. Transparent billing and a client portal available 24/7 make cost management easy. We take the healthcare linen service logistics off your plate so you can devote your time and energy to medical services.

ImageFIRST is the leading national healthcare laundry services provider with local service in the Houston, TX area and adjacent regions such as Sugarland, TX and The Woodlands, TX. Help your patients maintain a positive perception of your practice, and keep your patients at ease so that your staff can focus on what really matters: excellent, compassionate patient care.

We offer many fully-managed healthcare linen service, which including rental and laundry of products and remarkable services. From medical uniform linen service, including the comprehensive service and product solution for medical scrub in Houston, TX and beyond, to the gowns worn by your patients to the healthcare bed linen, you want to provide the ultimate healthcare experience. Partner with ImageFIRST for all your medical linen services needs. We’re ready to provide you with excellent medical laundry service.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

"Pikes Peak Endoscopy and Briargate Endoscopy Centers have been utilizing ImageFIRST's services and would recommend them to any center. If you desire a company with strong customer service and a "customer is always right" attitude, ImageFIRST is it. We have made many special requests and we have always been satisfied with their flexibility and willingness to try new innovative ideas. Previously with other linen companies, we were told "we don't have the ability to do that" but we have never heard that from ImageFIRST. Patient care come's first in our centers and ImageFIRST helps us fulfill our patients needs."

Tricia T., Administrator

Your Partner In Your Success

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